The Love of Food Preparation

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The power of love and joy in preparing food is tremendous.

Often we are very busy and focused on our goals. We tend to forget that it is all about enjoying the process of life and not be fixated on the outcomes.

Beauty is manifested in the here and now, in the way we express ourselves, in the respect we show towards all creation. Being in the NOW with what we are doing reveals the magic of existence, our true home. It is totally nourishing.

If you prepare your food with joy and beauty you naturally reach out for what nature provides us. You naturally stay away from toxic processed junk food and too many animal products.

Make your food dishes smile. Make them your song, your painting of appreciation.
Let‘s make your first ingredients love, the love you deserve to give yourselves. Edible flowers are a great contribution to every plate. Play and add lots of colors.
Have your heart overflow with gratitude for great nutrition and being alive.

To me this is spirituality or meditation in action. There is a quote: ”We come in the world with nothing and we leave with nothing.” Actually: the fragrance of beauty remains. The giggles in our hearts remain. We can drink them with our eternal souls.

What we are eating plays a bigger role than most people realize. Junkfood gives power to things which are not healthy. It destroys the planet and our individual health. Many illnesses like cancer, diabetes, heart attacks happen mostly because we are not in tune with nature.

The power of big processed junkfood companies and GMO empires can be broken. They only exist as long people are unconscious and focused on money. Respect to nature and beauty, and gratitude for life will drive them out of business. All those companies cannot exist, if we do not buy their products. A food revolution and transformation comes from our grassroots efforts.

It’s time to return to a more natural and simple live style of beauty. My Better World Cuisine is based on nature, unpolluted nature. All makes common sense. The Better World Cuisine program is designed to assist and encourage you. It should be at least part of every mom’s education. Join me in my venture to turn the world around!

Preparing food with joy and love is part of what makes life worth living.