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Zoom Meeting about EMF pollution

Special Zoom event on Saturday April 10th, 9 AM PDT. EMF pollution is the emerging health problem of the 21st century including cancer and infertility. Children are the most vulnerable. The issue is very real. All of us are exposed.  Even birds, bees, fishes, plants, etc. are all affected from the pollution of our digital revolution. [...]


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Hello dear wellness friend, I hope you are well. Please watch my 25 sec video clip: https://youtu.be/6gjJYtGsiPU Who does not want less inflammation, better brain function, sharper memory, optimal cholesterol and balanced blood sugar levels?! And all of this from a pure, unpolluted, organic and stable source. We are talking about the Sage Omega-3 from Clary [...]



Looking Younger Without Surgery…

There is a possibility to give your face a new baby skin. Not many people know about this. Check it out if you feel that you deserve a fresher look and are up for an adventure. This technique has successfully prevented many people from having surgery, which can have many side effects, including scarring, long recovery time, altered facial structure, [...]



Increase your microcirculation in 8 minutes by 30%

Fasten your seatbelt for a life-changing wellness discovery! Imagine… you can quickly hook up daily to a recovery station, which supports the body in: selfhealing because of improved microcirculation, removing toxins, recharging your energy, and strengthening your immune system. I would like to  introduce the front runner in signal medicine which can increase microcirculation in 8 minutes [...]



An opportunity to measure the EMF fog from your household wiring

EMF smog can have a negative impact on your health and can contribute to headaches, irritability, lack of concentration, fatigue, muscle and joint problems, high blood pressure and a lot more. You can find more detailed info/research on EMF smog issues at http://www.stetzerelectric.com/category/research. I am glad I have finally discovered the world’s first Power Line EM [...]



What You SHOULD Know About Inflammation

In recent years, researchers have discovered a common link between all types of cancer: a process called inflammation. They found inflammation is the stimulus that converts normal cells to cancer cells. The problem was not caused just by brief incidents of inflammation, but, inflammation that lasted for many years, chronic inflammation.  Most often cancer patients [...]



Are you looking for a unique gift?

Let me suggest the Black HimalayanSalt. This may sound like a strange and black idea, but it’s special and awesome because it will benefit the receiver in improved health and beauty, while providing assistance and aid to the poor children in Nepal. As you know we all live in a toxic environment (air, water, food) where we [...]



Effective Cold Remedy

Since years I have not had a cold. But this year I caught a pretty nasty one. A friend helped me out with a great flu recipe which I would like to share with you: 1 peeled grapefruit (complete fruit with the white skin) 1 peeled orange (complete fruit with the white skin) 2 peeled [...]


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Seaweed Blend On Your Nipples??

Is it beneficial to put a seaweed whole-food blend on your nipples? Sure sounds crazy? Before I get more into this, I would like to tell you that for some time now, I have been passionate about researching and discovering the most nutrient dense foods. As you know some of the land veggies are kale, [...]


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Life is so darn beautiful…

Beautiful Friend, I came across an amazing video which brings all of life into perspective. I would like you to soak it up. Sometimes we put effort into many places and completely forget to see the stunning beauty of life. I want to remind you to take care of your health, leave junk food behind, [...]


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