Zoom Meeting about EMF pollution

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Special Zoom event on Saturday April 10th, 9 AM PDT.
EMF pollution is the emerging health problem of the 21st century including cancer and infertility. Children are the most vulnerable. The issue is very real. All of us are exposed.  Even birds, bees, fishes, plants, etc. are all affected from the pollution of our digital revolution. There is no getting away, and it will get worse. ​
We need to do something about it NOW to take care of it.
The meeting will show you optimal solution technology developed by a Swiss team over 30 years, starting with a “dream team” of 2 products. All of them are complete E-smog neutralizers and health rejuvenator.
Note: The event is a pre-launch of the company Centropix. Beyond their products it will include their business model of direct marketing. It may interest you, or it simply is not for you, but I think, we all can agree that we need to learn more about solutions from an invisible health hazard. This includes pollution from WiFi, 5G, cell phones and e-cars.
You can sign up at www.EMF-fix.com