Are you looking for a unique gift?

Let me suggest the Black HimalayanSalt. This may sound like a strange and black idea, but it’s special and awesome because it will benefit the receiver in improved health and beauty, while providing assistance and aid to the poor children in Nepal.

As you know we all live in a toxic environment (air, water, food) where we have to be conscious about what we are eating to enjoy optimal health and longevity. I want to introduce you to a true beauty and wellness secret and I would like you to know why it is very special. This gift from the earth contains sulfur which is one of the most important elements for our wellbeing. Sulfur compounds help reduce the harmful effects of toxic heavy metals and other chemicals.  It plays a crucial role in cellular repair, detoxification, antioxidant function, and maintaining a youthful appearance. It enhances the health of all tissues and organs, and strengthens the structure of skin, hair, nails, joints and gums. Imagine, it is something even better than onions, garlic and broccoli. This is a simple solution for a modern deficiency.

I am talking about traditional Aruvedic Himalayan black salt of the highest quality from the factory in Nepal. It is made from 100% natural black rock salt crystals, hand-cleaned and crushed without any chemical processing or refining. I suggest that you try some for yourself and give it to all of your friends.

Uncooked it tastes like egg and is great on avocado and other veggies, but when you cook it for just a few seconds, that smell evaporates and it tastes like regular Himalayan salt. Raw, it can be addictive once you are used to the unusual taste, cooked you simply reap the benefits. It should be eaten on a regular basis for optimal well-being.

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Remember, this is a gift that can make a difference and keeps on giving.