I want to give you the secret recipe for my favorite mini dessert. Try it out. It is sooo good…

There is nothing easier to make:
Put dried blueberries and double the amount of Brazil nuts and a little stevia (if needed) in your food processor. Let it run until the ingredients forms a ball. Make truffles out of the mixture. Store in freezer. (Note: leftover oil is nice for a salad dressing.)
After some time in the freezer roll truffles in sesame seeds and/or carob powder. Store in freezer. Ready to eat shortly after taking out of the freezer.

The blueberry truffles with carob are my favorite. They simply taste amazing… better than real chocolate truffles. On top of this, they are healthy. Brazil nuts contain more nutrients than most nuts. The organic blueberries I get are from (Have no affiliation.) Try it out! Click here to edit.


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