I have to tell you that I am experiencing such a feeling of empowerment. I’ve torn my kitchen apart and
shinned up everything, organized my spice drawer, cleaned kitchen cabinets and put all my herbs in jars and
labeled them. I am just watching all of this in complete amazement and just going with the flow here!!!! I’ve
been drinking green spinach and green salad smoothies, buying more fruits and eating much more lightly
(no dairy and just a really small amount of animal). This is so needed in the world. I’m sooooo excited.

I am extremely happy to recommend that you join Anna Coulter’s Better World Cuisine CHEF
CERTIFICATION CLASS. Her classes are beautifully organized to include nutritional health education
in addition to simple and easy (yet visually impressive!) recipes. The graduates gain knowledge above
and beyond what typical cooking classes usually offer – they learn flexible and creative food preparation
approaches instead of just “learning recipes.” They enjoy assimilating the information about healthy nutrition
through games and fun activities. The education is dynamic and multi-faceted. And the foods are eco-
healthy – no unhealthy “junk food fads” are used.
Dr. T

I so very much enjoyed your presentation this last time. You did a wonderful job of keeping our attention,
providing us immense information and the wonderful samples that went with it. I think this is the first class
that I ever felt truly happy to attend and very connected. I enjoyed watching how naturally you tackled the
root veggies for the soup and the way the “doughs” that you prepared for dehydration seemed to magically
take shape on each sheet. The training was wonderfully well-balanced. It was a total-person experience. I
think you captured everyone’s hearts by turning a lesson of self-love and selfless love… thank you.

Don’t underestimate the power of the class. If I could have gotten this knowledge when I was young, my two
beautiful sons would be still alive.

What a wonderful artistic journey of learning. Everything was so thoughtfully put together for us. And
everything, every moment, was engineered to be beautiful and inspiring. By you, the artist. It is fun to be one
of your beloved works of art. Your brushstrokes during this class will glisten across time and my life.
This is truly an all-encompassing and empowering artistic experience, through every sense and event

I appreciate all the sophisticated information I received, such as information about eating protein, high
nutrient per calorie dense food, and fatty acids. I also appreciate the large variety of food I learned to
prepare, such as lots of juices, smoothies, dehydrated foods, cakes, ocean foods, sprouts and salads. I also
appreciate the information about health, such as nutritional yeast for getting the B-complex. I got a deeper
understanding how to make an art out of food preparation.

I LOVED the class, and my recommendation would be that if you’re drawn to go – SIGN UP! The two big
reasons that stand out to me are:
1. Great combination of info (wisdom), interactive exercises, and hands on experience… you wouldn’t be
sitting on your bum, taking notes all day long (like many cooking classes).
2. Tasty, easy recipes, of which I have already made two thus far.
Coming from a corporate training and development background, I have pretty high standards for workshops.
And I have also attended many classes & retreats, which educate and train on healthful living. Anna’s class
was the best that I have taken and the most reasonably priced. I plan to attend her next level of training,
and have enjoyed the live food community, which I am now connecting too.

I was feeling depressed last night about my diabetes and health problems, but after Anna’s class I am filled
with hope and eagerness to take on my challenge and win. You guys are performing such a wonderful
service for your friends and community. I am so pleased to be a part of the wellness family.

Anna’s Better World Wellness Cuisine Chef class was an amazing experience. It would have taken me years
of trial and error to learn what Anna teaches in a single information-packed, inspirational and fabulous way
making a big difference in the world… one chef at a time.

Anna has studied the science-based food principles with great competence. We are all fortunate to have
Anna in our community – her attention to every detail, her integrity and unlimited work ethic, and her tireless
desire to learn and impart knowledge about health and nutrition are a testament to the human spirit. Her
impressive dishes are always surprising with their creative colors and flavors (even if they are simple and
appear effortless to make) – she is a true artist with her food as she is with canvas. I am very happy that
she has aligned herself tightly with the Ecopolitan Eco-Health Network – she is a great ambassador of our
community and a faithful promoter of ecological and wellness concepts. If you have any question about
nutrition and food I recommend Anna highly. She will make every effort to help you.
Dr. T

I wanted to also thank you again, for the sharing of yourself and your knowledge and for the way that you do
it. Anna, you are a remarkable woman on so many levels. I am endeavoring to assertively integrate what I
learned into my “everyday and evolving and to be able to share my learnings with others, as I can see why it
is so important to do so. All my best, with love and respect.

I feel your work is inspired, meaning in direct alignment with the divine flow. This is just the beginning. Go