Seaweed Blend On Your Nipples??

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Is it beneficial to put a seaweed whole-food blend on your nipples? Sure sounds crazy?
Before I get more into this, I would like to tell you that for some time now, I have been passionate about researching and discovering the most nutrient dense foods. As you know some of the land veggies are kale, watercress, bok choy, spinach, parsley etc,..generally large leafy green veggies. These are true gifts from Nature. I adore them. And, I feel healthy just looking at them.

But what about the most nutrient dense sea veggies? I have always wondered about them. They are obviously some of most nutritious foods on the planet especially because they contain lots of precious minerals (including iodine), but also favorite nutrients like B12, Vit D in kelp, lots of antioxidants and other nutrients helpful in bringing balance to our deficiencies.

We all know that our soil is depleted and our vegetables and fruits are not as mineral rich as they should be… even the organic ones. Rockdust is a great solution to mineralize our soil but not many are really using this. To eat nutrient-dense sea veggies would be a good solution to give the body what it needs. However, I can’t just walk into any store and buy them in their natural form without unwanted other ingredients like rancid canola oil or roasted sesame oil. Also for me sea veggies are not easy to prepare. I am not wild about their taste either. So what can I do?

The good news is that I discovered a wonderful solution in small bottle. The Sealogica blend contains 7 of the most nutrient-dense seaweeds like kelp, Irish moss, nori, sea lettuce and others. They come from the cleanest possible waters off the N.E. Shores of Canada where the water is very cold. This means that the sea vegetables are not absorbing toxins the way they do in warm waters. They have been handpicked, well washed and sundried. A tincture with triple distilled, soft water was made from them. They are tested for purity. I can put one or two droppers of the liquid in my mouth or I can make a “sea coke” out of it by mixing the blend with water. It tastes amazingly good. I enjoy adding a drop of vanilla stevia to my “sea coke”.

What is important to me is that what we are talking about is pure food. It is a vegan, raw superfood right from nature, not fabricated in a lab. This means a lot to me. It truly excites me because I am not much into pills and too many artificial supplements. I can happily say “Goodbye” to synthetic multi vitamin/mineral supplements!

Because we are talking about a food, we can’t officially make health claims. Nevertheless, between you and me, the benefits are amazing. They are not just for your overall health, detox and creating a balance to our disturbed environment full of radiation and lacking minerals. The sea veggies are also a source of ellagic acid. This means it can remove heavy metals from our bodies which many of us desperately need.

It is known that most women with breast cancer are low in iodine. In the Gerson Cancer Therapy patients are given a daily dose of Lugol’s (a synthetic form of iodine) in their juices if their body temperature is not too high. I’d rather take the seaweed blend which is a natural food source of iodine. The breast has 5 times more iodine receptors than the thyroid. Ladies, doesn’t it make sense to put some seaweed blend on our nipples?! Let’s suggest this to our breast cancer friends. Japanese women, who generally eat lots of seaweed, have the highest iodine intake (13.8 mg. daily) of women anywhere in the world, and they also have the lowest incidence of breast cancer in the world. Also recent University of South Carolina (USC) studies have outlined two important tools in cancer prevention. The studies, which were carried out at USC’s Arnold School of Health and the South Carolina Cancer Center, found that seaweed and sunlight both had a huge impact on cancer prevention.

What you’ve probably also never been told, is that, according Dr. Brownstein research has shown that hypothyrdoidism makes you vulnerable to high cholesterol levels. I want to see if my cholesterol is better drinking the Sealogica blend. Regular “normal” thyroid results from your health provider does not mean they are perfect. I am sure you also know that being overweight is often connected with a weak thyroid. I have lost 7 pounds since I started drinking my “sea coke” together with a low calorie diet and Pau d’Arco. But most importantly I am not sluggish or depressed; I feel energetic and naturally happy like a new born baby. Honestly this is tremendous and means a lot to me. I call it a “great gift from heaven”.

I want to share this with you because I love this stuff. I am so happy about this new discovery that I decided to become a distributor. If any of what I say interests you, and you would like try it, you can send me an e-mail or go to the website:
If you are local and want to come by to sample some, I would be happy to let you try it for yourself!

I know the owners of the company. Their work is simple, eco-friendly and they do not have big egos. No hot-air fluff. You can get the product for a good price especially if you order a whole case and share it with your friends.

Please contact me if you have any questions.  As you know I love everything connected with promoting optimal health and creating a better world through delicious healthy food and nourishing ourselves as well as our environment.

PS. The product is supported by many holistic doctors including Dr. Tel-Oren. More info at

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