Be my Hero. Be your Hero.

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We are creating a hero movement. I would like you to be one of the heroes.

There are so much addictive processed foods out there damaging our health.
The average American consumes about 62% processed foods, 26% animal products, and only 12% whole foods. We need dramatically change those numbers.
 I am sending you the link to a recording of a webinar (20 min) I  made especially for you.
It is about creating a hero movement and contains a nice surprise. A member of the Better World Cuisine program who was able to change his life made a generous donation. This allows me to offer the complete Better World Cuisine program at the moment for only $20.
I am dead serious about creating a hero movement. We all know very well that it is not easy to change old habits. The program helps. Any effort is worth it for ourselves and for others if we can say NO to inflammatory illnesses.
Be my hero by watching my short webinar!